Cees Braakman 1917-1995

Cees Braakman trained in the Utrechtse Machinale Stoel- en Meubelfabriek(UMS), where he worked through all the departments. From 1949 until 1968 Braakman designed most of the Pastoe models, which were usually part of a complete series of furniture and cabinets. (Pastoe is the trademark of UMS.)
He was among the first in the Netherlands to apply the new High Frequency pressing technique to make plywood: in 1949 with the oak series, in 1950 with the birch series. Some of his designs, such as the ST09 were also made under license in Sweden.
Other Activities: Through his dual function at the UMS, as manager and as a designer, Braakman was the personification of Pastoe until 1968. His greatest successes were undoubtedly the design of cabinet systems: in 1949 the oak series, in 1950 the birch series, in 1955 the wall combination on a 15cm module, but especially the development of the universal measurement system 125M in 1966, and the cube – series 1967, an ingenious system for a very wide range of storage furniture.
In 1968, the Association for the Arts in the Industry granted Cees Braakman and UMS Pastoe the BKI Prize. In 1978 Cees Braakman withdrew entirely from the company.