Sixties Joe Colombo 4867 Kartell chair


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Design by Joe Colombo, 1968. Slight signs of use.
Made in Italy by Kartell. Production date 03/1986.

Kartell’s classic 4867 – Colombo Chair was the first industrial seat in the world created by a single injection mold and it offers multiple design solutions still to this day. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the cylindrical leg is cut down the middle to enable side-by-side positioning with other chairs, and the grooves at the side of the seat allow for snug stacking. There is a nice little opening in the seat back that makes a handy grip for moving the chair around as well as for draining water should it get wet outside. Can be stacked up to 3 high.

Dimensions: width 42 cm, depth 49 cm, height 71,5 cm.( 16.5″ W X 19.75″ D X 28″ H)

Sixties design Joe Colombo 4867 plastic vintage black chair for Kartell - eames, retro, eero aarnio, verner panton, artifort, pierre paulin
Sixties design Joe Colombo 4867 plastic vintage black chair for Kartell

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