Midcentury Modern Furniture

Midcentury Modern Furniture online webshop in Rotterdam. Choose from 650 original vintage pieces with designs by Eames, Wegner, Colombo, Pastoe, Braakman, Perriand, Panton, Kjaerholm, Aalto, Rietveld, Pilastro, Jacobsen, Friso Kramer, Tapiovaara. We ship from Tokyo to New York. Mid Century 1950s — 1960s Quality Vintage Furniture, Bauhaus, Retro, Design, Lamps, Chairs.

Bom Design Furniture is my collection of original vintage design pieces from the previous century. Geared to the functional, timeless, tasteful, perfectly made, with a balance of proportions and a craftmans touch. A great source of vintage for Interior Designers and Architects, Stylists, Advertising Agencies and Interior Architects who need quality vintage furniture to decorate an interior.

My passion for midcentury design grew from a small private collection of hand selected items into the large collection of quality lighting, furniture and accessories which it is now. We have been supplying happy architects, interior designers, private clients and collectors from all around the world from the Bronx to Tokyo since 2006.

Pieces from the Bom Design Furniture collection have been included in exhibitions in museums i

Midcentury Modern Furniture

Collectors which are looking for ‘that’ unique object can inform us for their special requests which we can locate for you.

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