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Tjerk Rijenga Pilastro wall unit with desk and light – Sold


Tjerk Rijenga Pilastro wall unit produced by Pilastro Zwanenburg. Mid-Century Dutch Design Wall Unit designed by Tjerk Rijenga in the 1950s.
Great large modernistic looking wall unit with the colours of ‘De Stijl’. Is marked with the original Pilastro logo. Joseff Hoffmann style drawers. Mategot style bookrack vintage fifties, sixties Pilastro, Tomado. Contains a rare writing desk, red light fixture, several perforated baskets and shelves in red, black and red. Can be set up in various configurations. Is in good condition. Extra large black plank 20 x 50 cm included which is not on the picture. The yellow/green plank has some rust spots on the top.

Dimensions in this configuration: height 126 cm, width 250 cm, depth 50 cm.

Sold to a client in San Jose, California.